The chronicle of the use of marijuana in honey targets is much more ancient than the right of these States, in which place the beloved is not allowed. The healers of India and the Close nuken of the Sunrise in the 18th century until our era have used cannabis as analgesic, anticonvulsant and anti-nausea way.
British colonialists India in half of 19 century rapidly guessed that such a productive drug can not be postponed in the absence of interest. Military doctors rapidly determined marijuana the purpose of curing muscle spasms, epilepsy and rheumatism, due to the fact through the period beloved is extensively spread in Britain and the UNITED States of AMERICA. Today, the medical use of cannabis is permissible in 23 States of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and Israel. And despite the fact that its legal position is quite shaky, and complete medical studies, without exception, is still small, it is possible to form a list of possible positive aspects of the use of this psychoactive resources.
Among the key factors of blindness buttall captures the «respectable» 2nd role, second only to cataract. The disease appears with-due to increased intraocular pressure and gradation nonconvertible atrophy of the visual nerve. The ability of marijuana to reduce the impact of water from the inside look experts have identified in the SIXTY — IES of the TWENTIETH century: in this case, the particles in the cannabis base for the first time undoubtedly helped to cope with mydriasis (dilation of the pupils) the presence of angle-closure glaucoma.